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Friday, December 29, 2006

Okay people...

i'm bout to hip ya'll...the last post from me this year...i'm going to an ugly sweater party...

Here's one of my favorite blogspot....New MOvie Trailers check it out...

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lil bow wow and tiger

Okay...this is just a holiday freestyle...i'll be back next week

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Uncut)


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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell latest stupido comments...

Good morning bloggers...i meant to use that stupido comment. Let's look at the latest comments of Rosie O'Donnell (i'm not a huge fan of her at times....other times she's okay)

Kelly Ripa : On November 21, 2006, she chastisted Kelly Ripa on The View for making remarks that she interpreted to be homophobic when Ripa, on November 17, 2006, removed Clay Aiken's hand from her mouth saying that she didn't know where that hand had been.

Asian Community : The comment was made in reference to the publicity a November 29, 2006 appearance on The View by Danny DeVito had garnered. O'Donnell implied that she was amazed that the controversy had become such a prevailing topic,[10] suggesting that the topic was being talked about in China. "You know, you can imagine in China it's like, 'Ching-chong, ching-chong. Danny DeVito. Ching-chong, ching-chong-chong. Drunk. The View. Ching-chong.

Donald Trump : On December 20, 2006 Rosie blasted Donald Trump during the Hot Topics segment live on The View after he gave Miss USA winner Tara Conner a second chance at holding on to her crown the day before. This came after the pagent winner admitted to extensive partying in NYC. Trump also ordered the 21 year old to rehab.

Rosie claimed that Trump himself is hardly a moral compass, having had 2 publicly known affairs which both resulted in children. Rosie went on to attack Trump's finances, saying that he once went bankrupt. Rosie also made a brief impersonation of Trump during the segment.

Rosie's words offended Trump, who fired back by threatening to sue her, called her fat, and a loser. He also called her a failure in TV Talk, and listed her magazine as being a failure, too. Trump later added that he would send a friend to take away Rosie's "girlfriend" which he claimed would not be hard to do.

Okay here's the problem with some of her comments....whether you agree with the Trump or Ripa comments...I couldn't believe the Asian jokes. That blew me away, that did such a slap in the face in the Asian community like that. WOW!!! Now i'm sure Barbara Walters like, "What the Hell did I get myself into?" Have a good day!!!
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dora Has Invaded My House and Need to Pay Mortgage

Okay...i'm finishing the last couple of things up for lil'sarccastik....I just bought the Dora Candyland playgame...(yeah i know she's only 2), then i got her a memory game. She already has a (i think) Dora Go Cart....along with her new tricycle, she has a Dora Helmet and Knee Pads....

And you know I had to get her a Coin Bank....since i couldn't find the crayon coin bank....I found something better!!!!! Check this out!!!

So hopefully...i'm done, for myself...i'm gonna cop some timbs...i've been eyeing them for a while. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!
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Monday, December 18, 2006

O Elmo, Elmo, wherefore art thou Elmo?

I wrote about getting this for lil'sarccastik last year....but oh my gosh...I've been literally trying to get it for her for the last couple of months (when i actually think about it). So some of this is my fault!!!! I mean I can't go anywhere and get this doll...I've been to Walmart, I've been to, target...i'm still trying to find it somewhere...It is like a freakin mystery, even some of the Walmart workers don't have a clue (at least that's what they claim) but i kinda believe them...because I know if they toy come in they (the workers) themselves would be buying them out of stock...ONLY TO SELL TO SOMEBODY ELSE!!!! You look on Ebay, and Elmo is going for $80...or even $100...I can't see that, but i'll figure out something!!!

Okay remember when this was popular?!?!? I'm hoping somebody would say YES!!! okay where the hell can i find it? I've also looked for that at Walmart. Lil'sarccastik shoe box of money is getting bigger...every now and then i put a $1 in the box, or some loose change...or if i break a $20, i'll put in a fever ($5). I've started doing that (i think it was) in the beginning of the you can imagine how big her shoe box any help would be appreciated!!!! HELP!!!!lol...Hope everyone have a good Monday morning!!
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Friday, December 15, 2006

Shopping Time

Okay people it's Friday anything planned this weekend?!?!? I'm going shopping for lil'sarccastik & wifey sarccastik. I think for Lil'Sarccastik i might get her something Dora or Elmo...since those are her favorite two characters in the house. If either is on....I can walk by the TV 988 times, she don't grandfather bought her a Radio Flyer Red Tricycle...lawd jeezus, i didn't think they still made those things. I know she's gonna go crazy with this christmas i know i'll be teaching lil'sarccastik how to ride a bike....THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING!!!!.lol....along with clothes, coloring books and probably a radio in her room!!! i'm trying to think of other things...i might buy her a guitar KNOW SHE'LL LOVE THAT....sometimes we play "marching band" MARCH 2, 3, 4...she's always leading playing a horn and i'm following behind her with somekind of shoebox or a shaker i made with rice and a plastic cup. IT'S GOING TO BE INTERESTING!!!

Now for wifey, she has made several lists of things she wants....most definitely she would love a Spa Sydell Gift Certificate. Those are a great gift.....and i will give her some DVD's like The Best Man, Friday After Next, Brown Sugar and some more that come to mind....

Have ya'll completed your Christmas list?!?!?

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Laid Off Christmas Party

Good Morning Blog Family....It's been crazy the last couple of days here...As I mentioned before in earlier posts that MCK acquired my company PSTI. So it's Christmas time and some are concerned, some are just let the holidays come and we'll think about it later. WELL.....MCK had other ideas....last week they "escorted" 6 employees from the Reconciliation Dept. I have no idea what that dept. does. You know that feeling like people are still trying to work but you see 6 employees one by one unpacking their drawers and things. People were shocked...MCK kept promising that they wouldn't do anything until February...(but since my background is in business mgmt. i didn't belive them) but people here were shocked (i know i already used that word shocked is what it is!!) and in awe. I was like "WOW"....early thursday morning.....the 6 woman always sit right in front of nice...they talk about grandkids, kids...some are single so imagine my disappointment when I heard they were laid off. MCK has automated the Reconciliation process so...again it was a disappointing site. Now everybody is actually on "pins and needles" just hoping they aren't next. SO WHO KNOW'S YA'LL!!!

The Christmas party we had was a good thing. Again, we all knew what happened just 2 days ago laying some people was good to get in the festive mood. I brought some leftover lights we had from home, someone brought a Christmas tree, we had music and people brought food. I brought some Wifey's Famous Meat Dish. Her recipe is's good for football time to me...and new year's.

Wifey's Meat Dish:

2lb Ground Beef
2 cans of Tostidos Salsa Con Queso Cheese Dip
1 can of Rotel Mild Salsa

Brown meat and drain. In a big pan, open 1 can of Cheese dip, add the meat, then another Cheese dip. And finally, add the Rotel. Mix it all together and put it on the stove on low for maybe 10 minutes. Server with some Lime Tostidos Chips OH BOY!!!

It was a hit....i didn't have none left to bring. What are you bringing for your holiday party?
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Just 2 points

POINT 1: Okay this is the problem, I got....How in the hell are you paying possibly $5,000 to $10,000 for tuition and the damn school runs out of heat and lights. HELLO!!!! THIS IS AN INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING!!! Sister Sarccastik called me last night and talked about my school...Alabama State University...ran out of hot water...i'm like WHAT?!?!?! okay a couple of months ago..she didn't have A/C in the dorms in the hot ass summer....I don't know if anybody out here experienced hot Montgomery weather...IT'S LIKE A DAMN OVEN!!!! Now they don't have hot water?!?!?! Check the story about lack of hot water at Alabama State University....It bothers me to see and hear stories like that.....maybe we SHOULD TRY AND JUMP UP TO DIVISION hear the astronomical payoffs that these conferences have for such things as the WeedEater Pickle Bowl....but i digress. I would suggest any kid going to an HBCU....but the first semester stay on campus...that's it!!!!! After that...get somekind Boarding Room or Apt!!!

POINT 2....Cherokee County in Georgia...i think it's about 45 minutes drive outside of atlanta voted last night to target landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. The Landlords will not get rent portion if they don't provide legal documentation about their tenants. If they knowingly rent to immigrants, NO RENT FOR LANDLORDS!!!....but that ain't the KICKER....Cherokee County also voted to make English the official language of the federal government. WOW!!!!! So If i decided to go down to Cherokee an speak EBONICS will I get a ticket or ordinance?!?!?! I said I was going to learn Spanish...I need to hurry up and learn it and drive to Cherokee and open a restaurant ONLY SPANISH SPEAKING PATRONS!!!! these folks are killing the hell are you going to force everybody to speak english?!?!? AIN'T THAT A BITCH!?!?!?!. I know your saying, "WHAT!?!?!?" THIS IS THE SOCIETY WE LIVE IN...YOU ARE FORCED TO SPEAK ENGLISH?!?! SO ALL MY BILINGUAL PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK ONLY!!! damn sad society we live in!!!

what the hell is wrong with blogger..i can't upload an image

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Okay ya'll it's time for me to break out Soul Christmas

I don't know how many of ya'll have ever listened to the Soul Christmas CD or burned one but I normally crank it out and take it to work with me to listen on my laptop the rest of the Christmas's a list of some of the songs:

Here's the link to some...

Santa Claus wants some loving was my favorite by Albert King....i'm trying to figure out how to send a sample to ya'll...oh well, when i figure it out i'll send a link or something. Hope everybody's weekend was great....we're putting our tree up later today!!! Lil'Sarccastik is excited!!!!
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