The Sarccastik Conjugate

Friday, October 02, 2009

Birth of Sarccastik II

we just had a baby girl in march, and i tell you there's something about being a dad. i have three girls in the house. i told my wife, there will be a "Man Cave" somewhere in the house....i don't know probably the office i'll put up ol'skool posters of race cars, basketball posters something....also i have to consider when the girls get older....i might have to take the "barry bonds lotion"....some knucklehead come to our door to see one of my daughters....i'm going to open the door with a baseball bat...."YEAH, SUCKA...i got my eye on you!!!"

i haven't posted in about i miss everybody...yes..but when you are working and coming home to three girls you don't have time for much.....
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