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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Cast of Characters

Good Morning..Blog Family...sorry i'm just writing today it's been crazy as hell this week. I haven't had time to check my 3 came from a "Dead Man Walking" Bachelor was for my brother...The Weary Traveler...he's getting hitched in 2 mobile...but his bachelor party was's a few of the characters that were a part of the party:

Ride Or Die Chick S. - she had my brother's back...she was just a friend but you can tell instantly at the party she wasn't with any crazy drama.....

Big Sexy P - she was the treasurer...she made sure that TWT's party was straight with the money part

Big Horny Chic - she also assisted BSP made sure everything was straight for the party...after she had a stripper dude..she was a little horndog after

SexyMatureClassy - she got to the party just in time..she was a cutie, and kept to herself...but she was cool peeps and had a good time.

SexyJ - she was the hit of the party...every dude in the party was like "Who the hell is that?"...she was cool peeps...she made sure TWT was having a good time..she knew she was the life of the a sexy way

Lil-BoPeep (Light-skinned) - stripper from ATL
Lil-BoPeep (Dark-skinned) - stripper from ATL

It was a co-ed bachelor party...his fiancee wasn't there, but he had alot of girlfriends at the party....the girls had their stripper dude their first...they got all hot-n-bothered...and THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE STRIPPER GIRLS AFTER HIM...but of course they didn't get there on time...(nor the stripper dude...if you about need to be on time right?!!?!!??).

But in between time for the girls to come on...all the dudes and the chicas were having a good time laughing it up with alcohol in abundance. SHIT I HAD MORE FUN WITH THE CASUAL CONVERSATION THAN ANYTHING....of course we decide to go to RODCS apt. the girls come....and they're dancing...and i'm like hmm..okay...they look cute more than anything...BACK IN THE DAY THE STRIPPERS WERE STALLIONS...ARE THEIR LACK OF GOOD STRIPPERS IN THE INDUSTRY NOW!!! STRIPPERS I KNEW WERE MAKING YOU CONTEMPLATE ON GIVING HER YOUR VISA (u notice i said contemplate)...the BoPeeps were johnson (Billy Dee that is...) didn't get excited it all...he was more excited about the fully-clothed cast of character woman at the party more than anything...IT GO SO BAD...I VOLUNTARILY MADE BEER RUNS and PICKUP THE RADIO FROM THE HOTEL RUNS....AT A BACHELOR PARTY....TWT said the BoPeeps didn't get him excited neither but he was like everydude there...FUCK THE STRIPPERS WE SHOULD JUST KEPT THE FULLY-CLOTHED WOMAN AT THE HOTEL...!!! CRAZY!!!! ANY BAD BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTY STORIES?????
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since when did strippers NOT turn guys on..what the eff is going on??
I had "slick the ruler" at my bachelorette party..let's end it with that *wink*..12 inches baby!!! I wonder what he's doing 15 years to look a brutha up!

8:36 AM  

THats cool yall had a co ed bachelor/ette party...but when i have one, I dont want strippers, unless they are females....i guess cuz its the norm or the females were there so u wasnt relly feeling them. I think thats so 1999.

9:46 AM  

I've never heard of anyone having a coed bachelor party. That's different.

Damn where yall find those strippers at? Did they have bullet wounds? LOL

9:49 AM  

And what is I tried typing in the url but it didn't exist.

9:53 AM  

Yeah, 07 can't keep me got a lot of trouble to get into this year, I usually don't start until it begins to warm march/april-ish sounds pretty good to me... :)

I glad the party was a success. Reading this though reminds me that I owe everyone that bridesmaid gone wild story from flashback fridays still.... I think now that a couple of the bridemaids and bride read my blogs now, it will be great to tell the story...that way they can laugh too. :)

11:31 AM  

Most of the time it's the fully clothed folks that have loads of fun anyway LOL...but on to the strippers I have never been to a bad bachelor/bachlorette party however a bad stripper has been attended. Home boy was BIG and I mean not big in a good way...all sloppy and what not...I just went in the other room and watched TV LOL

11:35 AM  

Strippers are like red wine. At the time it seems like a good idea. The next morning -- thoughts change quickly.

11:53 AM  

i've only been to one bachelorette party on my 18th birthday. i was amazed by the penis cupcakes and penis pasta. my then boyfriend had come in town so i left before the stripper got there. i've seen strippers in person once. not impressed. oh yeah and i am def. against coed bachelor(ette) parties. we have all the time in the world to have coed parties. i'm hangin out w/my girls.

2:41 PM  

never been to a bad bachelorette party, but the friends of one of my friends had a stripper at her 21st and while i wasn't there, they caught it on tape...

*shaking my head at the memory* dude was a mess. he had crochet braids. yes, i said crochet braids! he was very light skinned, so you could see the tat of a kiss on one of his shoulders (who does that?!), he went in the bathroom and put bubble bath on himself and was all lathered up and chasing the girls around the apartment! there's probably more, but i've blocked it out.

needless to say, i'm glad i wasn't there!

5:15 PM  

That sounds like it was real fun!

1:32 PM  

um.. if he's getting married.. why did he keep the girls at the hotel???????

3:15 PM  

Wow. A guy who admits he had a bad time at a bachelor's party. Umm I dont think I'll be going the co-ed route though *lol*

I've been to a bad bachelorette party..I've seen just bad strippers but not a bad party *lol*

@ Sarccastik

Yes he really this is high school and he's calling the house phone. That's a bad habit of mine, I need to stop hanging up on people...I do it all the time at work *lol*

6:31 AM  

A coed one, that would have been great except I know the men stayed cool though.

6:42 PM  

ooh i the last coed party i bachelor party i went to the bachelor passed out long before the strippers came and these little tired skinny white girls were not the business but they tried hard, they really did try.

I had more fun laughing with the guys than anything...

ooh that makes me wanna have a coed bachelor party, but then again I'm not a bachelor.

1:12 AM  

hmmm very very interesting!!

3:12 PM  

Yeah. I don't have any particular stories, other than the guys always seem to want to shake their ass in front of the one that's in the corner looking at them like they are crazy. . .

Yes, that would be me!

6:19 PM  

My ex called me from a bachelor party once. They had gone out of town and rented a huge chalet. He was hiding in a room. I could hear noises so I asked what was going on. The groom to be was banging a stripper in the next room. Needless to say I told him to drive home...immeadiately. And I did not go to that farce of a wedding with my ex.

2:12 PM  

My last line sister that got married, had a scripper...he was a hot azz mess...looked "special" to me...anyways...that thang kept insisting to come near me and I had to finally say to him, IF you jump on me you will limp back...period! I do NOT get down with anyone touching me...but my LS seemed to have a good time...

I like the idea of the co-ed thing...that was cute..personally I don't want strippers at my you said they don't make 'em like they used to, LOL

2:58 PM  

Ive never been to a racy bachelor/bachelorette function - most of girlfriends are really straightlaced, and my guy friends wont invite me! lol

One thing I liked about your brothers function was that they had male and female strippers: something for everyone!


6:47 PM  

Well hot damn! More clothes are always sexy. It presents a challenge...which is what mean are better suited for...(no pun intended)

4:46 PM  

The Daffodils


I wander'd lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host of golden daffodils,

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine

And twinkle on the milky way,

They stretch'd in never-ending line

Along the margin of a bay:

Ten thousand saw I at a glance

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced, but they

Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:

A poet could not but be gay

In such a jocund company!

I gazed --- and gazed --- but little thought

What wealth the show to me had brought;


For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.

~~~by maple story mesos

3:22 AM  

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