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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just came here to chill...

Hello all, it's your boy, The West End Mean Mugger aka "Sarccastik ass"(as the misses keeps calling me). Our date night was very nice, we went to D&B, and had a good time. We bought our little one a little souvenier, GeorgiaTech Buzz, that she hasn't played with yet...hmm...maybe that's a sign. I guess it's the whole bug thing that kinda creeps her out....I tried a mojito (i forgot who the blogger was the hipp'd me to it)....but it was not bad. But "i got rank" in alcohol, i need more than a 10oz glass. I'll have to go to Copeland's and get that big azz jug of mojito. I forgot the name of that drank at Copeland's, I had it one time....dawg...i was "sideways" halfway through it...but since i'm a gator i drunk it all, i was bent the fuck up....Anyway, we played Chip Away at d&b, it was cool. Just to spend some time together, I'm not going to say quiet time....because if you went to d&b (dave&buster's) you know there is not quiet around there.....that shit is crazy.

Thank god it's friday....the misses painted lil' sarccastik toes....this little girl who turned 22 months today...(i'll be glad when she turns 2, i can't stop keeping up with the months...) walked around the house saying how pretty her toes were. I was putting her shoes on, for our morning you know this little girl did not want her feet covered up....she didn't want shoes or a mess. We take her to grandparents....they said she took her shoes off about 10 times to show her toes off....Oh i forgot to tell ya'll, we had our first "Oreo" experience....i tell you there is nothing like being a dad....i've been witness to a couple of her firsts....her first transfer from crawling to standing up on table...(a week before christmas), her first father/daughter ice cream at bruster's (she love ice cream, but it started breaking her out...she politely gave it back to me and said "i don't want no more"), and now her first oreo...she dipped, we laughed, and she drunk her milk...but left some was cool though...i can't see how some father's don't want to see that.....

songs... I like the new Isley song..."Chill"....i heard that busta remix w/ the ladies....mary j. and rah digga (that's my girl) did damage on the record.....i heard this track, this cat is from virginia...he's been out about a while, he made a song talking about hurrican katrina, bush, what kanye said...i can't remember this song....his lyrics were on me if ya'll can...

date night....we saw "Freedomland" should i say this....when you see the preview...whatever idea you get from it...that's the whole movie...that's all i will say...don't want to mess it up with people who haven't seen....if you have let me know what you think...

have a good weekend.....

picked up "The Wiz" yesterday...i've never seen it from beginning to many times have you seen "The Wiz"?
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Friday, February 17, 2006

It's friday....

well people, it's that time again...friday, i might stop off and get me something to drank...i got some cheap st. remy brandy i think it is...i'll sip on some of far as valentine's oh never fails everytime you schedule something, it falls by the waist side. The neighbor's asked us to watch their kids while they go out....whatever, it was cool, they were good kids. Lil' sarccastik though, i think i might have to join a gym, she's a little too friendly with the neighbor's kid. She is not shy at all, i think it's just the fascination of another kid close to her age...i think he's about 6 months older than her.....yep, gold's gym is right down the street, i need to also call my brother and to retrieve "old woodie", we had a old wooden bat, that we wrapped masking tape around it....we kept it as our exclamation point, if we had to get down and dirty. So we have scheduled saturday as our day, go to dave & buster's...her idea, she wanted to eat and play games...we used to do that when we dated, so i'm like cool, we'll go to the other spots later on this month probably. I might try somekind of mojito or something....anyway, as long as we are together, it doesn't matter.

okay did you hear about rkelly and his brother
sounds like drama....

and help me understand if (what's her name) the girl who can't sing to me...with the gap tooth...what's her name...(excuse me...googling now...) keyshia cole, am i wrong or those notes she's trying to sing she can't...she shows good range but the "I found-ound-ound-ound" it's too much (mind you i'm luther vandross in the shower).....i'm digging my new song for the spring...tpain..."I'm in love with a stripper"...."she climbin' that pole"....(it's a funny song)...and ode to the normal joe's who's trying to "date" a stripper......

what else am i doing....oh i forgot...starz is free this weekend....whatchoutdenow....and we are going to rent "Magadascar" for us to see...what are you doing this weekend?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just Rantin' Again...

Well it's V-day...i called about 4 of the restaurants from my previous blog to setup reservations. It was always cool to me to setup a of, non-smoking...i get a kick out of that. Anywhoo...lil' sarccastik is droppin' hints on what she wants for her V-day..ain't that something at 21-month old she's droppin' hints....I think it's a candy commercial, that says women like chocolate...she call herself telling me last night, "I like chocolate"...mind you she has chocolate approximately 4 times ever....i thought that was the funny......i haven't told mrs.sarccastik what we were doing....but she's asking, i told we'll celebrate this friday, but tonite, i'm going to do some broke pimpin' run her bath some jamie foxx....( i need to get that charlie wilson...does anybody have it....give me a rating, is it worth buying or what)...i'll dry her off and we'll dance all around the room...and whatever else my mind leads too....but i know lil'sarccastik would say "All"...that's her way of saying group hug. As long as it's v-day i'm celebrating with my family.

Boy they have been on are some of the famous quotes about Cheney this week...(did ya'll know the guy Cheney shot just had a heart attack, damn that's rough)....i've heard "Cheney's got a gun" (from Jeannie's got a gun song)......they say it's open season on your boy are some of the quotes:

"Good news, ladies and gentlemen; we have finally located weapons of mass destruction. ... It's Dick Cheney," David Letterman said in his CBS Late Night monologue. And, "We can't get bin Laden, but we nailed a 78-year-old attorney."

NBC's Jay Leno said: "When the ambulance got there, out of force of habit they put Cheney on the stretcher. No, the other guy!"

Jon Stewart tackled the Cheney topic on his Comedy Central show, saying Cheney's shooting made Whittington the first person shot by a sitting vice president since Alexander Hamilton. "Hamilton, of course, shot in a duel with Aaron Burr over issues of honor, integrity and political maneuvering. Whittington? Mistaken for a bird."

this is funny:

One of the Cheney jokes in ABC's Jimmy Kimmel's mix: "You know what they say, if Dick Cheney comes out of his hole and shoots an old man in the face, six more weeks of winter."

Play the Dick Cheney game here:

Enjoy your are you celebrating.
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Valentine's options

Well, it's almost that time of year again. Where we remind our loved ones how much we love them, i am trying to decide on what to give mrs.sarccastik this year. I'm thinking about dinner and a movie, and our little coffee shop (Cafe Intermezzo) and buying something for lil' sarccastik. I might give the little one a bear with a valentine's day card, i know she will love that.....A couple of restaurants came up on Rachel Ray's visit to A-Town...mrs.sarccastik has it written down somewhere, but i would like to surpise are a couple of spots i'm thinking:

The Vortex (little 5 points) Never been..heard it was good food.
Two Urban Licks (off Ralph McGill Blvd) Never heard of it before.
Atlanta Fish Market (always heard it was good food) Never been...but i could always tell you where the big fish
Cafe Intermezzo (Buckhead and Dunwoody) Perfect for a date night.That's my spot...been there a couple of times.
Inman Park Patio (Inman Park) Never heard of it...I might have passed by it and didn't know it looked good on the show....
Mid City Cuisine (Midtown Atl) Never heard of this looked pretty good
Watershed (West Ponce) Passed by it several look great
The Flying Biscuit (Candler Park and Midtown) Passed by it several times....always talked about going
Emeril's (Buckhead) Food was great...(especially that dry aged ribeye)...damn that was the best ribeye I ever's expensive but you get what you pay for....

i'll figure out a movie......also trying to figure out what to give my lil one....suggestions? What are your plans for Feb. 14.
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jus' Rantin'

I got a chance to see Coretta Scott King's funeral, whew man....that was six hours of people talking. But it was a short six (could you belive it)...everybody was entertaining and their speeches were read perfectly and understood completely. Then my boy came on stage, Rev. Joseph Lowry,...that's my boy...He turned it out, I'll never forgot when he came to my college graduation to speak for 2 hrs at Alabama State University Commencement 1997....his theme was "Living Within Your Means" how we as a society try to "Keep Up with the Joneses"....i'll never forget the quote he said, one day he was at a gas station and he noticed a young buck with cadillac on rims looking good. In his mind, he was like young buck got it going on....Lowry said he walked in to pay for his gas, and the young buck was in front of him paying for gas. He said the "Young buck" talked to the cashier in a low monotone voice, the cashier asked him to repeat himself....."young buck" looked back at Lowry and repeated himself....."5 bucks on pump 2".....everybody at the Accadome exploded into laughter....Lowry took off his glasses and said "young folk you are the future stay within your means". Everybody gave him a standing ovation, the same ovation he got after he got down at the funeral yesterday...."there were no weapons of mass destruction over there"....the crowd erupted saying that there were "weapons of misdirection over here"....that's my boy....he turned it out....Bill Clinton re-itereated that Dekalb County is the 2nd wealthiest black county in nation ( i didn't know that), pretty much putting the hands into the people "What are you gonna do now" (referring to the King center). If you had not seen the funeral, i think it will be played on CSPAN this week, check it out.
I want to buy the So So Def action figure...ask me how much it wouldn't belive

I also want to get the office depot easy button....that's only 5 bucks...which is cool...i can leave that at my work desk....

what nostalgia figurines do you want? It's okay...i'm not holding the L7 sign up....(you wish)
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Something new?

I've been seeing the advertisement for Sanaa Lathan's new movie. About how she would like to have someone in her life. She just got promoted to making partner of a prestigious law firm. She is looking for that strong black man figure to come in to her world. I'm not going to give you the whole summary about it (go see the movie) opens today. I've just seen the previews, I don't think it something that i would want to pay 8 bucks...i'll probably wait till it gets on rental. I'm just not too crazy about Sanaa with white's me i know, but if it was a different circumstance....denzel playing sanaa's role and the her love interest...( i seen this guy before)...somedude, simon baker, (google was a pretty good invention)...playing his role would be...i don't know.....i can't think right now....try angelina jolie...(fake lips and all) would the sistas go see that movie?.....i'm trying to hold up for the black men who are doing good....oh well....i almost forgot my homeboy...i should really say...he went to school with whatever....some girl he has been chasing for 5 months won't go out with him.....i was like might need to turn that light switch on.....if she ain't gone out with you in 5 months....get a clue...she told him that she was going our with her friends for valentine's day....even i know that was bullshit....ladies...let me know what's going?
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