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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Quick Quips by Lil'Sarccastik

These are some of my top 5 favorite little quips that my 2yr old say on a daily's even cuter if you get to see and hear what she says....

1) Dada, ydouslfsiufslfksofus go Kroger to buy me hot chocolate? (That's not a typo, she's trying to mesh her words together)

2) Dada, GREEN MEANS GO!!!!

3) Dada, does your head hurt? Sometimes, I get the headache and she plays doctor. She says, "Dada, Open got a fever"..hmm let's see she says, "Let me feel your head...hmmm you got a fever."...It's got to be the cutest thing on earth when she's playing doctor.

4) When I'm giving her a bath...she says, "Dada, did you take a shower?" I'll say yes, she says "Lift your arms...(sniff sniff) Like a bed of rothez" she's trying to say roses.

5) We are working on shapes and colors, I cut out a triangle. She goes throughout the house, "See mommy, a triangle has three sides and three corners". When they say that having a baby changes you believe it.

Those are just some of the quips she says, as she continues to grow it's amazing the information she retains. She knows her birthday, my birthday, wifey's birthday, her aunt and uncle birthday. Everyday I wake up and pray and say "Thank you lord for my beautiful wife and my beautiful child..thank you".

My family gives me that extra motivation to continue on the grind. What gives you motivation?
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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Evolution of The QB

The Evolution of the Quarterback....

It always surprises me when we get a QB with the phenomal skills to throw and run at the same time. Something that NFL leagues are still not used to since Randall Cunningham did it in the early 90's. What I find fascinating is when there was a lack of African-American QB's in the league supposedly because we "wasn't smart enough" for the position.

I'm like every other African-American who was watching Doug Williams (SWAC..Grambling State) dissect the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl to win the Super Bowl MVP. When I saw the opporunity that was giving to the Redskins, a proven QB whom given the chance, can really show his talents and that is exactly what he did. He tied the Super Bowl record with four touchdown passes, all of which came in the second quarter. He also had 340 yards for another Super Bowl Record.

The reason I'm talking about this, I hate to see other African-American football players in the NFL don't recognize other African-American QB's. I hate to hear players refer to Michael Vick as a running back who can throw. You're are not helping the evolution of African-American QB's that might come after him. We all know about the debacle in Philadelphia about Donovan McNabb vs. Terrell Owens. I hated to see that, you were just "increasing" the image that the majority of the population have against the African-American QB. And when Shannon Sharpe said things like, "Second is his inability to throw the football with any consistency. You can't have that. And another thing I don't like is that it's everyone else's problem that Michael Vick hasn't gotten better. It is Michael Vick's problem." It just bothers me when other African-American players are not "ensuring" that Michael Vick is a QB. How in the hell does a "running back who can throw" win 60% of his career games, take a team to the NFC Championship, winning playoff games, took the falcons to win in Lambeau field to beat Favre and the Packers.

If players continue to push the "he's a running back who can throw" BS, how in the hell will we have more QB's in the NFL, when our own players are tearing us down? Comments, suggestions?
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween (Fall Festival) Costumes

Well, I don't know how many of ya'll will be attending Halloween (Fall Festival) Costume Parties but i think we will be going this year. We hopefully will attend the GreenLight Entertainment Party this holloween (fall festival).

I got a couple of outfits on my mind that i wanna try, give me ya'll suggestions:

Morpheus - Matrix...Laurence Fishburne

V for Vendetta - The costume look super cool.

Homie the Clown - Ya'll know homie don't play dat!!!!

If ya'll were going to a Halloween (Fall Festival) Costume Party, Which costume will you wear?

I can't wait to hear some of the answers.....
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Celebrating 4yrs of Marriage

Okay Friday was our 4yrs anniversary (truthfully it's been 5yrs, I met her on Oct.19, 2001, we got married on Oct. 20, 2002), I decide to throw caution in the wind and get a massage from Spa Sydell....but of course i was like "NO DUDES TOUCHING ME"....i ain't with that gay shyt...of course, we get there late and I think my masseuse name was Stephanie..."Becky" with red hair....okay no problem....I will say this the massage, was different, I expected more of a relaxed state of mind after I was done, but it wasn't bad at all. Then afterwards, we went to eat at ClubHouse in Lenox Mall.

I had the Lobster you can see it looks good, but you have to try was VERY GOOD...Lenox Mall has changed dramatically, don't get me wrong it's still Club Lenox on the weekends but some of the stores are new.

Because of my goof...I picked up Frankie J..(instead of Justin Timberlake), but first glance you would think that it's Justin T. Wifey was like, "Okaay..Who's Frankie J?" And I'm looking around in the car and outside like..okay..."Where do you see Frankie J?" ....we both got a good laugh off that...i got to take Frankie back to get Justin and I'm going to get that Sleepy Brown too....anybody got it let me know how it sound.

But I'm already planning on the 5yr anniversay for some all-inclusive trip or something. 4yrs has been phenonmenal looking forward to growing old together...SANDALS RESORTS HERE WE COME!!!!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Minority Franchising Opportunity

I am extremely interested in owning a franchise. I was wondering if anybody who knows a franchise owner, ask them how hard it was to own their franchise? Here are a couple of franchises, I would like to own:

Domino's Pizza - everybody wants pizza at least twice a week.

Athlete's Foot - everybody needs shoes.

Smoothie King - most people enjoy a good smoothie.

Those are small companies I know, but the biggest thing i want to do is try them. I wanna show lil'sarccastik that Education is extremely important, but also great if you can own your franchise.

What would be one thing you would like be successful at? Owning your own Franchise? Getting Paid for your own hobby?
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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly....

Okay now it's that time again...well i talk football. This is the college football edition...

Now it's time for another exciting version of...

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly College Football Edition....

The Good...How 'bout those Auburn Tigers (War Eagle!!!)...can't u guess i'm an Auburn fan. Took care of business like they should. Ohio State keeps their chances for a national championship hopes alive with a convincing win over the "hapless" Michigan State Spartans. And did you see the play that Troy Smith did "in the pocket", just buying time waiting for his receivers to get open. How 'bout the Vandy Commodores, coming into a hostile crowd in Athens and beating the Dawgs. The Commodores had plenty of chanes to "open the flood gates" against the Dawgs, they throw an interception in the end zone that would've given them a lead.

The Bad...The Spartans of Michigan State look bad. Have they scored yet? They had 3 bad losses in a row. I don't think John L. Smith (coach) is going to make it out of this season. The Georgia Bulldogs...last week they had the Governor come to their rescue after getting the behinds handed to them for giving up 51 points to Tennessee. Now, where is the Govenor this week? Does he not come to the rescue of his famed Georgia Bulldogs? Georgia QB's are not getting it done, I don't care who you got back's not helping. They've got to establish the run more....forget this finesse type stuff, it's not helping. I hate to hear that about Adrian Peterson....Arguably, the best RB in the nation. The first time he's dad get's to see him play football, is going to be his last seeing him in an OU uniform. Adrian has got to be the first RB taken in the draft....Raiders are you listening? And would you believe the nation's leading rusher Garrett Wolfe was held to 25 yards against Western Michigan....already he has 1300 yards..AND THEY STILL HAVE 5 GAMES LEFT...Amazing...

The Ugly....The Brawl in Miami...I hate to see stuff like that because it's putting a black eye on College Football. FIU players that were involved should be suspended and Miami players alike. If Miami gets to be in a bowl, don't go!!!! We all now that Coker is gone at the end of the season...but expect a phone call to Mark Richt to become the new head coach....we'll look for that...

And like John L. Smith (at the end of the season), I'm Gone!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Things this week

I've been working hard as hell ya'll....but i want to put something up....Wifey just "copp'd" that John Mayer "Continuum".......boy you talkin' 'bout JOHN BLAZE!!!! I always thought we was talented writing and I heard some tracks...but man this whole CD is banging....

okay Did ya'll get the "Lucky Number Slevin" yet??!??! crazy i know....

let's see i just bought "Chain Reaction" with morgan freeman and keanu anybody know anything about it before i look at it?!??

The book that I'm reading is $40 Million Dollar Slave by William C. Rhoden...not bad so far...

Damn shame, I know them folks in NYC are tired of shyt flying around them.

And like Albert Haynesworth, I'm GONE!!!!
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ne-Yo with his pants down??!!?

Ok peeps, here are some Sidekick 3 pictures someone e-mailed to me this morning. Supposedly, it’s R&B Singer Ne-Yo and one of his back-up dancers. Sources say a fellow dancer of hers got a hold of the SK3 and put the girl on blast, hence it ending up here. I’m not saying anything, you be the judge. Remember this isn’t safe for work, so I don’t want to hear anything about it.

Who is this Miss Jones?...She's always in hot water from what i'm seeing:

Radio DJ Miss Jones is in hot water once again! The fiesty radio personality is known for her off-the-cuff comments, but this time she may have gone too far by attacking the Knowles family. Evidently Beyonce and her mother arrived at Kiss-FM for an interview and stormed out after an altercation with Miss Jones. If you want to hear the Hot 97 DJ's explain it, click here. In brief, evidently after being greeted by Miss Jones, Beyonce attempted to give her a friendly greeting kiss; and Miss Jones snapped back with, "I don't do that kiss thing." Of course Beyonce left her standing there after that remark. Tina Knowles couldn't just walk away though. She shouted, "Thank you for talking about me and my daughter, it just boosts her ratings."Miss Jones responded with, "Actually you should thank Mac Makeup for hiding all the oldness in your face, you look like the joker." As a result, Miss Jones will be sitting at home on suspension for the next two weeks!

more controversy from Miss Jones:

Christina Milian called into NYC's Hot 97 show with Miss Jones and let's just say the interview didn't go according to plan. Christina was on to talk about her new movie Pulse and Miss Jones wanted to talk about the reasons why Christina was dumped by Def Jam Records. Christina really didn't want to talk about it and honestly was being a good sport and Miss Jones straight up hung up on her!Listen here![Concrete Loop]

She's wide open ain't she?!?!?
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