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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What the hell is a Vick Divide?!?!?

I saw the Vick Divide last night, and I was in total amazement. What the hell was this divide about? This is an athlete who decided to fight dogs as opposed to staying in the Falcons facility preparing to lead the Falcons to the NFL SuperBowl. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Vick fan and I was extremely disappointed that he made a decision to be affiliated with this situation.

A. Why would you leave your name on a house, that your not there on a daily basis? Anything (such as this) could happen, I would've told my cousin this, I'll buy the house for you, but i will transfer the deed to your name or something. If his name wasn't on the house, would this ever come up?

B. If you know your homeboys and cousin, aren't Rhodes Scholar, why would you buy a million dollar house? Again, if I know that my homeboys are not really "clean", I would tell my cousin this, "Okay, dude, I'll get you a house, but what you do at your house, is what you do at your house!!!! Leave it there, don't tell me shyt about what goes on". Either the cousin want to stay on the payroll and be clean or get his own house and do whatever it is that he would do!!!

C. Fighting dogs, ain't you got better things to do??!!? you make 130 million dollars what the hell is the point?!?!!??

Again, I heard a former teammate say this point which was great. Where are we in our society, that we have our children with "I HATE VICK" T-shirts yelling in front of the NFL Offices and or the Falcons practice fields? This was an athlete who decided he wanted to fight dogs as opposed to lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl good gosh how many times do I need to say this!!!!
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