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Friday, August 10, 2007

First Casting Experience

okay this was my first opportunity to cast as an extra in a $75 aint (ain't) too bad for a couple of hours, true i could've gone to work but i wanted to experience this moment and see what the hell it was about. so i get there and the casting assistants call me and said bring about 5 to 6 outfits and 3 pairs of shoes. okay, so i come to the location like i'm about to go camping or something. we get to the wardrobe area...this dude was looked in my wardrobe bag and picked out one shirt. and was like okay where that with your shirt rolled up.....i was like i brought all these outfits for nothing. was some stunnas at the film location....i was like lord give me to meet angelo dundee the comedian....he's a fool, he kept it entertaining where alot of people were nervous.

I got to see tyler perry, angela (i can't never think of her last name)...bassett. rick fox...and that lil'dude on the "house of payne", the son. it was pretty cool....i'm undecided if i'm going to do another casting....i've been taking a break so who knows!!!

be good folks and stay out of this weather!!!
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okay this is crazy...

i thought i had a post on i decided to get drunk on a neighbor's kid b'day)....damn it so hot...i just looked out the window (working from home today) and saw the devil under a shade tree fanning with a glass of lemonade...i know lame joke, but it's hot....
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