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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is it hard for me to say that I won't cheat?

A couple of months ago, myself and coworkers went out for lunch. We had the normal run of the mill conversation about our job, society and life. One of my coworkers started conversation about married life. He insisted that a man can never say that he will not cheat on his wife. His argument was that you can never tell the future of your marriage. I was like,....WHAT!!! I had to be a "hog" and disagree with him. I'm a happily married man of 3 years w/ a 15 month old baby girl...(who thinks she's 5 years old) I argued that I can unequivocally say that I will not cheat on my wife. His argument is that he's been married for 10 years. I was like "what does that have to do with the price of tea in China" (don't know if i said that right, but you get the picture). My argument to him was, I can honestly say that I will never get myself into a situation like that. I think men period know a bad situation, especially married men. Bad situation includes going over to women's house that your wife don't know about, etc., etc. I might still be a newbie in the marriage game, but is it too far fetched to say that I won't cheat on my wife? Or should I say, that I will not knowingly try to cheat on my wife? What the hell does the "knowingly" mean?

Come on now, everybody's grown...when a person says "knowingly" that brings up some kind of shadow of a doubt don't you think? Can I honestly say to mrs. sarccastik, that I will not "knowingly" cheat on you? She'll cuss me out...I know her like that back of my hand....What the hell you mean "knowingly"?

I'm just confused now, it seems that some men just use their marriage as a..."I'm happy for now, but if someone like Stacey Dash comes along, I gotta do what I gotta do".....I hear that a lot from some of my homeboys who are married.

I live in Atlanta, the ratio is damn near 14 to 1....all I can do is get a good look and keep it moving, too old to try and scheme on where we can meet....I'm trying to provide a positive role model for my daughter, my parents are still together after 33 years...

Maybe I'm a guy who says that I'm not going to cheat on my wife and actually mean it....
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