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Friday, August 18, 2006

Taking vacation...

time for a break
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Taking vacation...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chama, Chama, Chameleon...

What's good my blog fam, yeah it's the new job that's why i
haven't been around here more often i'm trying to have this
online thing run as a bidness (business)...but here are a few of my
observations over the weekend....
Do ya'll see your boy pickin' up trash...that's funny.

The Good
- Constant NFL Preseason, all day 'er day...
Jay Cutler looked good during his debut....and did
you see your boy "Baby Matrix" aka Reggie Bush make moves....
i'm still staying away from that dude on my fantasy league.
Also did you see Minnesota
Vikings QB
Tarvaris Jackson (Alabama State)
he had the crowds going "ooh ahh"
The already trying to call him a right-handed
"Vick". That's funny..

The Bad - Clinton Portis shoulder injury...Clinton
and his 9 Personalities..really it's 5...
"Dr.I Don't Know", "Dollah Bill" and 'dem. He was
a beast for my Brown Hornets last year....
i still wanna pick'em but
gotta wait for the update..

The Ugly - Boy George picking up trash on the
side of the road today...i actually scanned
past it until i saw "Boy George"...looking like an
overweight buffet serial/cereal killa...

The Crazy...Did i hear right?
Justin Gatlin gotta turn "rat" to keep
the folks off? damn...What 'chu go'n (gonna)
do Justin? Damn he gotta testify against his coach
because if he choses not too...
they might ban him for life...damn...

Lil'Wayne got arrested down here in "A"...
ya'll seen his mugshot....crazy.

And I'm gonna take over on the
Blogger's Den Football League Lookout for them
Brown Hornets!!!! Uh Ah The Daddy Long Stroke!!!

I put my foot in my mouth last night ya'll...
me & wifey had a pop quiz on the capitals
of the US....damn she "whupped" my azz...
she was a 4.0gpa student in high school...
i was "C" walking all thru you can imagine,
she beat me thoroughly. But
I always say, she's the "Brains" of this whole operation...
I'm the "Face"
She's the CFO, I'm the CEO....

And like Cynthia McKinney, I'm gone!!!!! (i know low blow)

SWAC all day long Shawt!!!!
Alabama State University....Ya'll know what it is!!!!
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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Nervous Wreck!!!

One of the best memories that I've ever had was when lil'sarccastik was born. The day before (she was full-term) I was a nervous wreck like nobody's business. The only thing I kept doing the whole freakin' day was cooking, cleaning, running 'round just to stay active. After I cleaned up the house, cooked up some appetizers, I was in the mood to make some smoothies. I preface "some" because I not only made some smoothies, I freakin' made 9 VERSIONS OF DIFFERENT SMOOTHIES!!!! The mother-in-law was staying with us because this was a new era in our life and we wanted somebody to calm us both down. Now what was funny was as I'm making the smoothies, I wanted wifey and ma-in-law to imagine after the 5 or 6 time....they both said in unison (damn did i spell that right?)..."Sar, What the hell are u doing?....Are you okay?"...I'm like yeah..i'm cool, but after the 7th was like, "Sar, if you make 1 more goddamn smoothie, it's gonna be me & u"....she was laughing at me...she was like "Just sit here...I know your nervous but don't go off kilter" I calmed down a bit, i was going crazy with the Smoothie Tasting

The day after, I was still a wreck...lil'sarccastik was wailing, i was like "okay...okay, it's okay cutie-pie..."...wifey's cousin was there..she was like "Okay, can't be nervous kids know when you are nervous"....she was telling me that....and i didn't understand...Now...i'm a & lil'sarccastik are like 2 peas in a pod...It's funny wifey says all the time, "Jeez, ya'll look like twins.."'s funny but back then it wasn't...but I'm glad to be a father. One of the best gifts ever!!!!

Okay let's see what's happening in the Sarccastik Weekly:

Kanye getting married?...That's cool congrats I have more of an appreciation of him for that, that's a grown man decision.

OMG!!!! Have ya'll seen/signed this petition for Cassie to stop singing. I heard about her singing awful on 106&park, but was she that bad?...Please blog family let me know how bad she was.

Okay ya'll i just got Cassie's journal talking about her petition, rumors and everything else...let me

Okay ya'll it's Monday, the kiddies are just going to school today, so i might leave a extra 10-15 mins early because of potential traffic concerns....(what the hell am i talking 'bout)....what traffic!!!! it might actually take me 30 mins to get to work today....have a good one ya'll!!!!
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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Enjoy Always in Moderation...

It's your boy...i'm back. It's amazing how things work out for the best...this gig has lessoned my stress level down by's 6:40am and i'm chillin' got my hardcore XM Raw blastin' while i'm doing this....and i got a smoothie waiting for me on the way out the door.....Okay folks what's going on...

I got this title from Tony Sinclair....what the hell does he do...just sit there and look ugly and talk about high fashion, culture and no no's of daily life? do ya'll think..i was thinking of changing my name for the week to "Tony Sinclair of Blog".....let me know..I need majority votes on this....YES...VS. NO......I will check the results later today.....

Clarett...Clarett...what the hell happened to you?!!?...I was giving you a chance in the NFL....this mofo scored TD's on the gridiron...and now...having 3 handguns...AK rifle...machette...and some vodka....and a bullettproof vest...something was 'bout to go down ya'll....damn shame...okay some rumors on saying that Clarett was in the hole of some hip hop mogul who wanted his head on a platter for not paying a loan oh man....that's crazy...

More of OutKast rumors....i will say this...this rumor has been out since i moved to atl...about it's a consistent rumor i guess...

This is interesting...Bengals have a "Jerk-Line"...if you're too rowdy at a football game you will get "warned" and if it might be leaving the stadium....hmm....that's another topic...

Okay ya'll have a good thursday...and remember results of the voting of being the "tony sinclair of blog" will be posted later...
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Monday, August 07, 2006

1st Day on the job

Okay, ya'll thanks for the first day at the job wasn't so bad. I woke up this morning around 5am...still getting used to the commute, did my situps and weights....helped lil'sarccastik get ready for the day...made up the bed....and i was chillin' after that....I already ironed my clothes the night before. I left the house 'round 7:15am....i got to work 'round 7:50...(i had to stop for gas)...Like this morning...i'm's 5:53am, i'm 'bout to do Gilad's workout at 6am, fix me a smoothie, I might leave home this morning about 7:15am (sorry i mean this is really great!!!!) okay what's going on this week? In the Sarccastik Weekly:

Wendy Williams got a movie coming it ya'll....i might actually check that out....more like renting it on DVD...i don't know if i'll spend $20 to see her...

Cassie causing controversey with her video....i don't know if it reminds me of "Pleasure Principal"...but...i guess i haven't got into Cassie....but that "Pleasure Principal"'s still hot to me....

This whole MTV dogs thing...i haven't got looks dumb, but hey...a lot of this crap on TV looks dumb to me....has anyone seen this?

Remind me what's the big deal about this Christinia Milian?....She got a song...they given a lot of airplay down herre (here) for some ya'll like the song?

First day wasn't so bad....what i love it took me 35 mins to get home ....traffic....I'll see ya'll later...i got to get ready for work!!!!! Have fun.....
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Friday, August 04, 2006

Squirrel attacks deer

This is funny azz hell....
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It's Friday ya'll

okay...i know ya'll glad it's friday...i'm still home chillin' (like a villain...sorry i had to throw that in..), lil'sarccastik is still snoring in "our" room.....we are trying an intervention for her to sleep in "her" room....but somehow we're failing at I start my new job at PS on Monday....i'll have to get a good gauge of the environment to see how the people. I didn't see a lot of "buppies" or "yuppies" there....when i was interviewing i did see a lot of older people....but experience with IBM will come out...i just can't go to the new job thanking i can run everything.....I'm thinking about working out during lunch time...they will be building a GOLD's Gym maybe 5 mins from the job....that would be a great stress reliever....Does anybody work out during lunch? Let me know if it helps your work day go smoother...We got to buy lil'sarccastik a Dora bicycle w/training wheels and somekind of desk with chair......with a Dora night lamp on it...if you haven't guessed Dora is her favorite character so okay what the hell is going on in "The Sarccastik Report Friday Edition":

Brandy talked about not snappin' on Barbara Walters, Barbara decided to put her on front street...."Is this real" putting her hand in her hair....I don't know too many sistas that would allow a crusty ol' woman's hands in their heads....i know wifey would've turned it

DJ Star is having more problems now....he's being sued by "prozac" girl....he spit on his producer and said, "i'm going to annoint everybody w/my spit"....I wished that motherfucker would;ve spit on would've been some furniture would've been a don't spit on nobody and not expect her azz getting whupped.....damn fool...

Justin Gatlin's reasoning for testing positive for a steriod....hmmm said it was a jealous massage therapist that rubbed "somekind" of lotion on him......hmm...right....(sarccatikly)

Okay i'll end with the following two questions...What is your BlackPlanet alias? How many Fantasy Football league's are you in? BIRMINGHAM64....i think i'm on 5 leagues....(oh crap)..i got a draft coming up in about 1hr 30mins....
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm out this bitch!!!!!

What's good fam?!!! Today was the last more driving to 1hr 15mins to and from work. No more dealing with those crazy ass folks....boy i'm glad of that i tell you.....Yesterday, I was surfing...(like i do anyother time) around just looking for shyt for no reason......I had 2 tickets that had my name to finish.....oh fukkin' well....they just sitting there..i really can give a damn about them. I am really excited about my new job......20 mins from the house that is great. Some of my old coworkers are content with driving 2hr to work and 2hrs 30mins to home. That is are you content with that....."Flexibility" is what i hear so much....whatever!!! I can't be okay with just leaving around 2pm because of my daughter's dance recital only to drive the next day a total of 4.5hrs to and from work. I can't understand since gas is $3 a gallon (and steadily rising) you have to factor in gas as a monthly budget.....damn...your making life decisions at QT or Shell.."will i have enough money for my mortgage"....gas is something else nowadays. But I tell you this...if i see another damn SUV tell a clerk "$5 on pump10"....i might have to say something to that person....(that ain't none of my damn business), i brought lil'sarccastik up to my job to drop of the laptop, amex card, at&t card, and badges...that was a great feeling and then i get my "current" check....oh boy!!!!!

Today's news...

Georgia Tech graduates more black engineers at the master's degree's small news but i know wifey loves to hear that...(since it's her alma mater)

The Game is finally off G-Unit Records....thank ya lord.....i got so tired of 50 and game beefin' for no damn reason.....sound like they were in the 10th grade all the BS they talkin'...(get the damn money!!!!)

Hottest tracks....i "cop'd" that Corrine sounds good...i'm trying to get that Gnarls Barkley (i'm not paying over$10 for the CD...someplace still sell it for $7.99)...that girl Cassie....( should i say this...) sounds's no excitement in the bad puffy remixed it and damn near talked thru the whole song...w/Young's okay not really impressive.....i'm digging that lil'ugly dude....stingy, oh shit...chingy...w/'s growing on me.... Today, lil'sarccastik is on the bed sleep...we're going to pick up wifey for lunch and have a good time.....have a good hump day YOU SUCKAS!!!!! (sorry, i had to rub it in...)
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